Sunday, June 06, 2004

We are back before the ALTO SEASON began & we will stay put in Karachi till it ends

On June 5th flight from Lahore few Aitchison College brats returned home.

That is the beginning of the ALTO SEASON

Thousands of people from our plains of Punjab start flocking to the North in their Suzukis. On their heels are Karachiites. Sports front page of NEWS June 7, has the favourite ALTO SEASON spots which the ALTO crowds throng to during 'Happy' Summer Holidays!

That is all very well & good for the tourist industry. I wish they would not take with them or be offered obscene Indian movies on large screens by the hotel operators or play film songs at full volume causing unbearable noise pollution. Similarly waste, particularly that is not bio degradeable should not be littered as eye-sores for those who follow.

You will not find me there till ALL educational instituitions in the plains have reopend & the ALTO crowd has returned with the instruments of pollution [noise, smoke, rubbish]; or I may initiate a trip end August to where only a 4x4 jeep can get to - no ALTO!

The other advantage of being done early June is, the weather is cooler, cattle & villagers have not yet reached the higher slopes & most trekkers are yet to come. So we had the places to ourselves; no fresh cattle cake & thus hardly any flies on the paths.

June 10th Feisal, Jyoti & Haroon Shaikh from Mumbai visited us for a week.Work continues in our living & dining rooms. Another 10 days to go, at least.


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